Health and safety legislation UK- know its importance

Health and safety legislation UK- know its importance.

Health and safety legislation UK has been designed keeping in mind the betterment and well being of the employees working in organizations and companies so that they will be healthy and safe during their employment phase. Every employer is responsible for the health and safety of their employees and should take measures for ensuring that they are no exposed to any kind of risks. They should also look at the different risks that are present in the workplace and take steps for identifying and minimizing these risks.

According to the Health and safety legislation UK , it is the duty of the employer to make sure that the work place is free from any kind of hazards that might affect the employees adversely. Hence the workplace needs to be safe and healthy for the employees so that they can work in a comfortable environment without any kind of threats to health and life. The employers also need to appoint competent person for looking after the health and safety measures at the workplace so that it does not pose any risks to the employees. Moreover every organization has a health and safety policy that has been written in accordance to the employees working there so that their well being in given prime importance.

Health and safety legislation UK can be very beneficial for the employees as it helps in protecting them from any kind of sickness, injury or any harm that might occur at the workplace. The most common types of workplace injuries that affect majority of employees include asthma, back injury, slip and trip injuries, asbestos related illness and fall injuries. Therefore it is very important for every organization to follow this legislation as it helps in protecting the rights of employees while they are working in any organization so that they do not face any kind of health issues. Proper following of this legislation is very important for every organization because when the employers take care of the health and safety of the employees, it will indirectly help in increasing their productivity and performance. It also helps in reducing the chances of accidents and injuries in workplaces so that the employees can enjoy working in a healthy work environment. Health and safety legislation also helps in reducing the absenteeism of the employees as they are fit and healthy without any kind of health concerns. This will eventually help the employers to reach their goals and objectives in an easy manner as they will have healthy employees who will work towards the betterment of the organizations. It is also beneficial for the employees because with less amount of employee turnover, they will have to spend lesser money for recruitment and placement of the new employees which can be an expensive option. Finally it has been seen that when an organization has the healthy and safety rules in place,it also helps in improving the employee morale and motivation as they work towards helping employers reach their organization goals for making it more successful.