Health and safety Regulation in the UK

Health and safety Regulation in the UK

There are many regulations in the United Kingdom that address health and safety issues. Notable among health and safety regulations in United Kingdom is the Act 1974. This regulation pertains to health and safety issue at work. Many of these regulations were formulated according to the directives laid down by the European Union. There are strict punishments for any that go against any of the health and safety regulation in the UK. Breach of health and safety regulations in places like Wales and England is a crime punishable on indictment with unlimited fine or on summary conviction.

The sentencing guideline council is the body responsible for the publication of sentencing practice. As the case may be, individual or cooperation found guilty of breaking the UK Regulation on Health and safety will be punished.

The UK regulations give right to any employee that suffered damage due to breach of the regulation to seek legal justice against the employer. This right to action exists in place like England and Wales. However, the law of delict existing in Scotland prevents s an employee from taking legal action against an employer for contravention of an absolute responsibility. This was backed up by the section 69 of enterprise and Regulatory reform Act of 2013. The act stated that, for a defendant to proceed with such legal action there must be a proof that the employer has breached the health and safety regulations guiding the United Kingdom.

Finally, the tasks of safety representatives, as outlined by the UK health and safety and noise assessment regulations, are enumerated as follows;

· Potential hazard investigation

· Examination of possible causes of accident

· Attending to employee’s complaint

· Attend safety committee meetings where necessary

· Help members to collect information from health and safety officers or other enforcement agents.

· They carryout periodic inspection once in three month or immediately there is a serious accident, spread of deadly disease or deadly occurrence. read more information on risk assessments click here.