With the huge number of unemployed people in the world today, recruitment for any position whether permanent or temporary is full of competition with many job seekers trying their best to gain their advantage of being shortlisted (cv) . Poverty among many people and that need of getting a source of livelihood has made the word “recruitment” bring a particular effect on many people anytime they hear it. Anytime a job is gazetted or advertised by different companies, job seekers will come running to it like hungry lions trying to get a bite of a single gazelle. Those who are lucky and get shortlisted must have met some specified conditions and also qualifications required by the recruiting officers.

The first thing done by the recruiters is to attract the job seekers by advertising the positions that require to be filled and also give the requirements that anyone willing to apply for the position must meet some of them being education, experience, age and sometimes a religion. The next thing that the recruiters do after attracting job seekers and receiving applications from those who feel they meet the qualifications is shortlisting. Shortlisting involves going through the applications sent by the candidates and from them choosing the ones who turn out to be the most outstanding having met all requirements (jobbsøknad) . The step that follows is selecting the candidates by interviewing them and getting to hear from them. The last step is appointing where the suitable candidate will be appointed for the job.

Most of the time human resource managers and recruitment officers do the work of recruiting, but in some cases, recruitment agencies can be tasked with that job (cv mal) . A job analysis may be done to determine which employees are fit for which position. To attract job seekers, sourcing is done using the most appropriate media.